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Our Services

Our Services

As the company built its product lines, ASPEX insured that our technical Engineers are back up with Foreign and Local Factory trainings to be able to support the needed services such as; Delivery and Installation, Warranty Services, Preventive Maintenance Services and remedial Maintenance.

UPS Services

Delivery and Installation

services required to put the equipment in operation

Remedial Maintenance

to repair and restore equipment that may fail (despite preventive maintenance)

Service Unit

Provided for irreparable units on-site


Systems Upgrade and Site Visit Inspections

Warranty Services

to remedy equipment failures due to manufacturing defects.

Service Availability

24/7 On-call technical support and service

Immediate Response

of Professional Field Engineers based in strategic Field Operating Centers around the country, respectively, to resolve equipment issues with fast and cost-efficient service procedures.

Preventive Maintenance

to ensure, through periodic inspections, that various electronic and mechanical components are evaluated, cleaned and tested on a regular basis. Problems are detected and repaired before they become significant and costly issues.

Resolution Time

guaranteed 24-hour resolution time within Metro Manila areas; maximum of 72 hours for inter-island and remote areas

Customized Support

and Comprehensive Services to meet client service level expectations.

ICT Services

Aspex helps its clients to manage ICT infrastructure through proper care and maintenance. Assistance is also rendered to assist customers align their information technology systems which may require assigning personnel on customer site to ensure faster service response.

I.T. Maintenance


Service Inclusion

  1. ASPEX will supply your company with a brand-new Lease-to-Own I.T equipment such as Desktop, Laptop and printer units of your choice of brand. During the term of this package contract, you shall have the possession of and shall have the right to use and operate the leased equipment in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in this proposal for three (3) or five (5) years depending on your package of choice.
  2. Cost of the lease-to-own I.T equipment shall be paid by your company on a monthly basis to ASPEX for three (3) or five (5) years depending on your package of choice.
  3. Installation of lease-to-own I.T equipment shall be free of charge nationwide and before we deploy the equipment, you have the right to inspect the units and designate the particular location where we should deliver the lease-to-own products.
  4. Lease-to-own I.T equipment will be directly delivered on your sites nationwide after your counter inspection with corresponding fixed delivery charges for Provincial Areas only.
  5. Once the lease-to-own I.T equipment is available on site, we will appropriately manage the installation and/or delivery schedule according to the availability of the end-user.
  6. Under this package, every lease-to-own I.T equipment will also have a three (3) or five (5) years depending on your package of choice. that includes:
  • Comprehensive Maintenance on a semi-annual basis
  • Labor or unlimited service calls
  • Replacement of defective parts and/or components.
  1. In the event of I.T equipment failure, ASPEX will immediately replace the defective board using our isolation parts. We guarantee that we will have stocks in every Field Operating Centers for quick resolution on your malfunctioning equipment. If the unit continues to fail, we will provide a service unit of equivalent specification while the defective unit is being diagnosed or under repair by our technical team. Once the original unit is operational and returned to the client, ASPEX shall verify that all data is

removed from service unit prior to their removal.

  1. If the I.T equipment is beyond repair or obsolete, ASPEX will issue a Technical Certification of unserviceability to the client and will supply a service unit for the duration of not more than thirty (30) days from the date of the installation until the defective unit is being replaced c/o client. The replacement of the unit will be on the account of the client

Service Exclusion

  1. Relocation of Lease-to-own I.T equipment to another site.
  2. Electrical works external to the I.T equipment.
  3. Repairing of damage due to client’s negligence or misuse of the unit and due to calamities or acts of God. This will be subject for a separate quotation.
  4. Replacement of consumables for desktop and laptop or other accessories directly or indirectly connected to the unit will be categorized as consumables such as:

  • External speakers, microphones and headsets
  • Digital camera
  • UPS and AVR
  • External drive like CD writers, HDD enclosure, thumb drivers and USB
  • card readers
  • External parts like cover and casing
  • Storage devices like HDD and SSD
  • Laptop power adapter and laptop battery

  1. Replacement of consumables for printer or other accessories directly or indirectly connected to the printer will be categorized as consumables such as:
  • External sorters
  • Toner, developer and cartridges
  • UPS and AVR
  • External cover and casing
  • Printer ribbon

We will be responsible for providing various IT professionals to manage IT related issues and give technical onsite assistance on your existing units based on your required personnel each site to support your organization’s operational efficiency. It is a strategic solution for businesses to reduce operating expenditures and enhance operations while still managing critical tasks, rather than adding competent personnel or allocating such tasks to current employees.

Professional Services

We will provide you in-house professionals to handle your I.T Equipment such as

  • Project Team Lead
  • PM Team Lead
  • Service Call Team Lead
  • Onsite I.T Field Engineer
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Dedicated Helpdesk Support

We will perform hardware maintenance on a regular basis for your computers, laptops, servers, and printers, which includes the keyboard, hard drive, internal CD or DVD drives, and printer heads, etc. 

This guarantees that your equipment will be in good condition and operational.

You are entitled to our:

  1. Semi-Annual Maintenance
  2. Unlimited Service Call
  3. Onsite Assistance 
  4. Provision of Service Unit

We can handle your existing I.T Equipment irrespective of brands

  • Desktop/PC/Workstation
  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Servers

I.T Maintenance and Manpower Outsourcing Service Implementation

  • ASPEX will conduct inventory maintenance during the first schedule maintenance to determine the status of the unit. If the unit is operational during the first PM schedule it was automatically enrolled in our contract and any malfunctioning components after this inventory will be handled by our team without any cost to the client with exemption for the consumable parts of the IT equipment. If the units are found to be defective, it must be diagnosed or transferred to our head office on your account to determine if the defective unit is repairable or beyond repair. 
  • Once the unit is functioning, it will be added to our Maintenance contract but a separate quotation for parts repair or replacement will be given to the client once available.
  • If the I.T equipment is beyond repair or obsolete, ASPEX will issue a Technical Certification of unserviceability to the client and will supply a service unit for the duration of 30 days from the date of the installation until the defective unit is being replaced. The replacement of the unit will be on the account of the client. I.T Maintenance and Manpower Outsourcing Service Implementation
  • ASPEX will maintain the supervision and control over our personnel; however, as our client, you have also the authority to give direct instructions to our deployed skilled IT Onsite Engineer to attend to any technical issues in accordance with the agreed scope of work during their term of the agreement (contract).
  • Outsourced personnel shall render forty (40) hours of work per week, eight (8) hours a day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM or as per arranged shifting schedule. For services rendered over and above the eight (8) hours regular working time, we shall charge your organization for the overtime, night differential, rest day and holiday pay as applicable, in line with relevant government rules and regulations and other laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

I.T Maintenance and Manpower Outsourcing service terms of payment

  • Payment shall be made on a monthly basis. ASPEX will send summary of attendance together 
  • with the billing statements of the actual service rendered by outsourced personnel within thirty (30) days of the reference month

Proposal for the I.T Services are customize based on the following details that we need from the clients:

  • Number of units and location 
  • Equipment Type, brand, models

and serial number

  • Number of required Manpower
  • Training and/or Certification


  • Other Additional Requirements
  • Customized Maintenance
  • If the damaged part of the Machine is obsolete and/or the Machine can no longer be repaired, ASPEX will issue Technical Certification of Unserviceability to the CLIENT and will supply a Service Unit until the unit is replaced. Replacement. Unit will be for the account of the client. ASPEX retains ownership of the Service Units.
  • To promote fast deployment, ASPEX provides proportional allocation of service units and parts based on the number of units listed in the region. This service unit count should be kept at the agreed-upon level.
  • ASPEX warrants that service units are in good operating order and are of equal or greater capacity/version than the CLIENT’s original unit.
  • ASPEX shall clearly label all supplied service units for user identification.
  • Aspex shall verify that all data is removed from PC service units prior to their removal.

I.T. Management and Outsourcing

We provide and handle Helpdesk Support, In-house I.T. Engineers and Network Specialists On-site, Hardware Management at Client Service Level expectations.

After-Sales Services

We practice SMS – Supply, Maintain and Support. We value our client’s resources and help them maximize their I.T. infrastructure that is why we provide a guaranteed After-Sales Support Service.


UPS, UPS Battery and IT peripheral requirements right at your doorstep.


Extended warranty is offered for units or We provide extended Warranty.


During the warranty period, unlimited support services are provided.

Aspex, Inc. has designed an After-Sales Service Plan that will sustain and maximize the life pure equipment through our extended warranty service plan. This warranty service plan will upgrade the Standard Limited warranty that will guarantee the client worry-free equipment usage with a longer productivity life at reasonable price.

1 Year Plan

short term warranty for “Economy Solution”

2 Year Plan

mid-term warranty for “Warranty Plus Solution”

3 Year Plan

long-term warranty for “Full Protection Solution”

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